Top Rated Hiking Trails in Colorado

Top Rated Hiking Trails in Colorado

The majestic state of Colorado is full of outdoor adventures, including some wonderful spots for hiking. Hike through a field of beautiful flowers, scale grand mountain peaks or hike to a gorgeous alpine lake. From Rocky Mountain National Park to San Juans, there are some wonderful trails just waiting to be explored. Here’s a list of some of the top-rated hiking trails in Colorado.

Blue Lakes Trail

Nestled in the San Juan Mountain Range, the Blue Lakes Trail is full of unique peaks, bucolic wildflowers, and sparkling alpine lakes. It’s an 8.6 mile-in and mile-out trail that can be hiked in just a day. There are even camping sites, and you can score a great catch fishing in the lakes. If you’re camping overnight, just be sure to pack a tent, sleeping bag, food, water, fishing gear and a rescue laser.

Four Pass Loop

Four Pass Loop is an epic hike. It’s a four-day hike over mountain passes while passing amazing waterfalls, magnificent wildflowers, and gorgeous alpine lakes. It’s got an elevation gain of 8,000 feet, so be sure to come prepared. Bring a rescue laser just in case in addition to some bear spray.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is an all-time favorite for a day hike. This scenic trail features panoramic views of the Maroon Bells, Pyramid Peak, lakes and the 14ers. Usually, you can camp there in the fall and summer, but it may be closed due to moose or bear activity.

Mount Elbert Peak

Mount Elbert Peak is Colorado’s tallest 14er with an elevation gain of 4,700 feet. Take in sublime vistas of Leadville and the Sawatch range. There are tree lines and clearly marked junctions. You can even see the peaks of the other 14ers from the top.

Caribou Lake

Caribou Lake serves up a beautiful hike. It’s ideal for fisherman, avid hikers, and photographers. There are amazing mountain views, quiet meadows and lush forests with wildlife.

Hiking in Colorado is always a fun adventure. But whenever you’re hiking in Colorado, it’s important to always put safety first. Be sure to pack a rescue laser. It paints a light so you can be found by a rescue team and is effective from up to 30 miles away.

6th Oct 2017

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