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It was back in 2010 and we were moving a boat from San Francisco to San Diego. Everything was going fine until the 3rd day when we encountered a storm off Santa Cruz. We decided to head up and reduce the main to help with the 30 knot winds. When we were heading up, we blew out the main sail. We decided to go ahead and sail on the foresail for the next few days. The storm finally died and we proceeded to sail Port San Luis. Everything was fine till we hit a huge front which blew out the headsail. We went to our engine and could not start it. We were bare poled with no engine and heading to wherever the wind took us. We tried to hail Vessel assist but where we were there was no vessel assist. We tried for hours and finally the US Coast Guard picked up our Pon Pon.   We gave them out LAT and LON and after 4 hours they found us with the help of the Rescue Light. It was 1:30 AM with no light and the Coast Guard said that they were able to find us much quicker with the Laser light. They asked to see it. They never saw anything like it and were quite impressed.

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"During our recent Search and Rescue Exercise, we used the lasers during cadet training and mission pilot survival training. These lasers are clearly an extremely helpful survival tool and their utility was much appreciated during the training exercise... Cadets were on the ground in locations unknown to the mission pilots and used the lasers to signal the search planes. Mission pilots were easily able to see the lasers, and all were greatly impressed by how well the lasers worked.
- John Lynn, 1LT, Civil Air Patrol, Commander, 17th Composite Squadron



"This Signal Laser is perhaps one of the best night signals invented."
- US Navy Aviation Survival Gear Field Test Report

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2013 Ocean Navigator Chuck Husick Marine Technology Award



2010 HISWA Innovation Award


2003 Sail Magazine Pittman Editor’s Choice Award