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Learn what Clint Homestead, a survival expert/trainer, and former Special Forces member, has to say about his experience with our Rescue Lasers in a special guest blog post.


Cagliari , Italy

I used the laser at night to direct the boats to a target buoy during a regatta. It was a perfect beacon from a long distance.”

-Zvani Rosetti, Cagliari , Italy    May 2024

"Amazing Service and Outstanding Customer Care!

After participating in Coast Guard medical assists in the middle of the night in Prince William Sound, having a long-range signaling device is a must My trusty Greatland Magnum Rescue Laser fell prey to some poor-quality alkaline batteries that I foolishly left in after boating season.

I reached out to Kim and was given the opportunity to return the nearly 15-year-old laser for possible repair. Within a week an entirely new laser arrived! Thank you Greatland Laser and thank you Kim. Don’t go boating without one!"

-Damien Delzer, O.D., Fairbanks and Valdez, Alaska

“Thanks for the follow up!  You continue to amaze me. The boss picks up the phone, solves the problem immediately, and then follows up. Your business is a model for GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.“

-Jeff, US Department Homeland Security

"This Signal Laser is perhaps one of the best night signals invented."
- US Navy Aviation Survival Gear Field Test Report

"You might not remember me, but my 2007 laser light was replaced by you a few years ago, gratis.  It is still working great as per my yearly testing.  I just wanted to thank you, again."-

Craig Foster, CAM, National Sales Director for Jet Aviation/Jet Professionals, [April 6, 2018]

"The Greatland Green Rescue Laser Flare is the best flare a sailor can have to be seen and rescued when in distress... There really is no good reason to omit adding a Greatland Green Laser Flare to your safety repertoire."
- The Teak Rail, [May 30, 2014]

"I was first introduced to the Greatland Rescue Laser Flare when it was issued to me in Afghanistan.  Following my return home, a good friend of mine brought one on board my sailboat last summer so we could “play test” it in the maritime environment.  During our arrival into Port Washington, NY, our two boats were separated by 1.5 miles in the pouring rain.  My buddy was unable to make out where I had moored.  We pulled out my 1.5 million candlepower spot light.  He could barely make it out against the lighting from shore.  Once I lit off the Rescue Flare, he immediately asked if that was us with the bright blinking red light.  The difference in intensity and discrete nature of the flare made it simple for him to find his way over to us.  The next day, we again tested the visibility of the flare in a surface to surface use and were repeatedly surprise at its effectiveness out to 3 miles.

This fall, I was also able to test the flare while I was flying.  With my friend on the ground and me in the air, we found the light easy to identify at over 5 miles in the daylight.  I have been impressed by the ruggedness, simplicity and effectiveness of the Rescue Flare.  I highly recommend it to all of my sailing clients, as well as those hunting, hiking, or involved in any other outdoor adventure activity."
- OnPar Marine Consulting, [March 2015]

"The Rescue Laser Flare is one of the best and simplest tools I have ever used. Being able to provide your location to aircraft and resources quickly and efficiently has been amazing. I also used the rescue laser to conduct fire line briefings during night shift to point out items to ensure all personnel was up to date with exact location of hazards or objectives"
- Product Research Gear

Electronic Vs. Traditional Flares - Cruising World, October 2014 - "In testing, the electronic alternatives to pyrotechnic signals prove safer, easier, and in some cases, superior" 

"Bottom line is that the Rescue Laser is worth adding to your survival gear and the red Rescue Laser Light is standard equipment in my Doug Ritter Ultimate Aviator Survival Paks. It's small and light enough to fit on a key chain. In terms of distress signaling priorities, after a 406 MHz PLB and a signal mirror, it's next on the list. While the red Rescue Lasers are certainly adequate, the Green Rescue Laser Flare is definitely an even better choice. The Green Rescue Laser Flare is what I carry and is what's in my personal aviation survival kit. In my opinion, the Green Rescue Laser Flare is well worth the considerable extra cost if you can swing it, but if not, the red will do just fine."
- Equipped to Survive



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2003 Sail Magazine Pittman Editor’s Choice Award