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For over twenty years, Greatland Laser has been delivering our unique Rescue Laser Flares to organizations and individuals around the world. From sailors, boaters, aviators, and other outdoor adventurers to organizations as diverse as Homeland Security, African wildlife conservation teams, search and rescue teams, firefighters, and military units of all types, Rescue Lasers are a trusted part of their safety kit.

Not to mention a major life raft maker includes a Rescue Laser Flare in every aviation life raft kit sold. government-military-and-commercial-government-military-and-commercial-footer.jpg

Our proprietary lens system creates an expanding line of brilliant light that make it easy to signal your target when swept across the sky. Visible up to 20 miles at night and up to 3 miles during the day, Rescue Lasers are a safe, convenient, and effective emergency signaling

In addition to signaling for rescue or to signal location to other team members, Rescue Lasers are great for locating retro-reflective materials such as life vests, buoys, or reflectors on boats and docks. Just hold the Rescue Laser near your line of sight and scan for a return flash of light.

Rescue Lasers are waterproof to 80 feet and small enough to stow in a safety kit, attached to a PFD, or simply in a holster on a belt. Many sailors carry one on their vest as well as keeping one in their safety kit. Rescue Lasers are a great complement to other marine safety gear and are much safer to use and stow than pyrotechnic flares. And with a battery run time of up to 72 hours, Rescue Lasers are ready to go when you need them.

To learn more, please visit our FAQ, view this video or contact us any time at We would love to answer any questions you have! We also offer organizational discounts.

Federal Law allows an EXCEPTION for laser emergency signaling devices to send a distress signal to aircraft.

In February 2012, the United States Congress passed into law HR658 authorizing appropriations for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Included in the law is Section 311 "Prohibition Against Aiming a Laser Pointer at an Aircraft".  Section 311 39A(c)(3) on page 56 specifically exempts "an individual using a laser emergency signaling device to send an emergency distress signal."

Greatland Laser has sold its patented laser emergency signaling devices throughout the world since 2001.  We have never had a safety issue with the products.  Under the exception provided in this federal law, Rescue Lasers are legal to signal an aircraft for help in an emergency.

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