Greatland Laser; "on the water" video

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What our Customers Are Saying...

  • "Mission pilots were easily able to see the lasers... During our recent Search and Rescue Exercise, we used the lasers during cadet training and mission pilot survival training. These lasers are clearly an extremely helpful survival tool and their utility was much appreciated during the training exercise... Cadets were on the ground in locations unknown to the mission pilots and used the lasers to signal the search planes. Mission pilots were easily able to see the lasers, and all were greatly impressed by how well the lasers worked."

    John Lynn, 1LT, Civil Air Patrol, Commander, 17th Composite Squadron
  • "The Laser Light is the best emergency signaling device that is not a radio. On two occasions I have been in situations where a directional light signal would have made the difference between a night out in unfriendly country or being back in the company of friends and a warm fire. We all know life itself often hangs on such fine points. Now that one of these is available, I go nowhere without one. One is in the car, one in the backpack, the fishing vest, and the ski gloves."

    Alaskan Pilot, Pat Thurston ATP, AAM, BBA, BSA
  • "I believe this laser will revolutionize the way search and rescue is conducted in maritime environments and on land. As a retired police officer, I believe the product is excellent for certain tactical operations and for those arenas where signaling is required."

    Paul M. Burke, BOD National Association of Search and Rescue
  • The Laser Flare was tested in a variety of environments such as daylight, darkness, rain, and fog. Visibility from an airborne aircraft ranged from 15 miles at night, 8 miles in rain, 1.5 miles in fog and 1.5 mile daytime. This flare would be of tremendous value in a SAR situation for survivors on the ground or in a raft and would be easily stored in existing survival equipment aboard the aircraft. I greatly appreciate allowing me the opportunity to test your unit and please find it enclosed. I would anticipate that I will be able to acquire enough units to place in all our aircraft and SAR kits.

    Gary "Suds" Sudhoff, Pilot, I.C.E.