Rescue Laser Emergency Alert Laser Signal - Customer Testimonials



“It’s a great product.  A safety device that I think every coast boater and serious hiker should have on them when out on the water or trails.”


earn what Clint Homestead, a survival expert and trainer, as well as former Special Forces member, has to say about his experience with our Rescue Lasers™ emergency signaling devices in a special guest blog post.


"Durable. Reliable. Basically bombproof… I’ve had (and used) one of Greatland Laser’s original Rescue Laser Flares for decades.

Both an extreme Backcountry and Outdoor enthusiast, as well as a (retired) member of one of the country’s oldest Technical-Search and Rescue Teams, I found myself in the wilderness on many an occasion during the good, as well as bad weather conditions for years.

Whether on dry land or snow-laden meadows, for use as a personal signaling device, or for landing helicopters on a mission… this small piece of equipment packs a big punch. From the everyday enthusiast to the SAR professional, for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, to a matter of life or death… GLL offers emergency signaling devices that send emergency distress signals, which could very well one day save your life.

I don’t considerate it an extravagant purchase, as much an investment in my personal safety. I would highly recommend adding this to your personal pack, kit, PFD, boat, camper or plane, for any urgent situation."

- DG Sanchez, July 2021 
  1R62 (retired)
  Technical Rescue / Back Country Rescue Specialist
  Washoe County, Nevada USA


"This laser is top of the line. I purchased it as a gift for a relative who does lots of boating on fresh water and salt water. Combined with a VHF radio and EPIRB the laser adds another margin of safety."
- KA, May 2020, customer buying a Rescue Laser Flare Green


"Great service, I am humbled by their commitment to their safety product and service."
Daniel Stephenson - Letter to Editor, Practical Sailor Magazine 


"In short, the Laser Flare is a very effective tool to have in your “tool box”. It is not the only signaling device I carry, but when I go in the field I always make sure I have one with me. "
Adam Davis, Alaska based Search and Rescue Team


"I tested your Laser Flare at the Dillingham Airport. We flew a Cessna 180 and had the laser scan us from among the lights at the airport. The laser was visible at 8 miles and 1,200 feet. I believe it would have been visible further but we had to turn back due to snow."
- Ward Jones, Injury Prevention Specialist, Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation


"The Laser Light is the best emergency signaling device that is not a radio. On two occasions I have been in situations where a directional light signal would have made the difference between a night out in unfriendly country or being back in the company of friends and a warm fire. We all know life itself often hangs on such fine points. Now that one of these is available, I go nowhere without one. One is in the car, one in the backpack, the fishing vest, and the ski gloves."
- Alaskan Pilot, Pat Thurston ATP, AAM, BBA, BSA


"I believe this laser will revolutionize the way search and rescue is conducted in maritime environments and on land. As a retired police officer, I believe the product is excellent for certain tactical operations and for those arenas where signaling is required."
- Paul M. Burke, BOD National Association of Search and Rescue 


 "During our recent Search and Rescue Exercise, we used the lasers during cadet training and mission pilot survival training. These lasers are clearly an extrememly helpful suvival tool and their utility was much appreciated during the training exercise... Cadets were on the ground in locations unknown to the mission pilots and used the lasers to signal the search planes. Mission pilots were easily able to see the lasers, and all were greatly impressed by how well the lasers worked.
- John Lynn, 1LT, Civil Air Patrol, Commander, 17th Composite Squadron


  "Having operated for several years on a search and rescue helicopter in Alaska I can give firsthand information at how effective the Rescue Laser Flare really is.  I am happy to report that I never had to use it in a real emergency but we would incorporate them into training scenarios on a regular basis. Every winter I would take my newer crew members out and have the helicopter drop us off, we would then hike a short distance to a different LZ and we would test different signaling devices. Without fail the Rescue Laser Flare was almost always noted as being the most effective at getting the pilot’s attention. Furthermore, the rugged design always helps in the field, I have used the Laser Flare at negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit and it worked."
Adam Davis, Alaska based Search and Rescue Team


 "We've been watching this product develop for several years, and now that we've tested it, we're impressed... A worthy addition to pyrotechnic kits and personal survival gear, this simple but ingenius tool is moving toward a place at center stage in the search-and-rescue world."


 "As a Search and Rescue Coordinator for over 19 years I have seen gizmo’s come and go. When I first heard of the Laser Flare I thought it would be another piece of equipment that wouldn’t be of much use for Search and Rescue. On May 16th 2009 I personally used the Green Rescue Laser Flare in both daylight and dark of night settings. I was very impressed in what I saw and look forward to trying it in fog and raining conditions. It was easy to use and the light signal that is created would easily be seen by rescuers at a great distance. We plan to continue to test the Rescue Laser in other environments, and if it operates in other conditions as demonstrated, it will be a great tool for both Rescuers and Victims alike."
- Gene Seiber, Search & Rescue Coordinator