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Greatland Laser, LLC is an Alaska-based company formed in 1998 to commercialize new laser lighting products that utilize special lenses to shape small points of laser light into lines. Greatland's patented technology can produce products offering choices of light colors, controllable beam widths and lengths depending upon lens designs, and a wide range of applications.

The company has identified a number of commercial applications that solve important problems or address unmet market needs. These initial applications include:

    • Handheld Rescue Laser Flare® line of signaling devices
    • Laser lighting systems for use on airports
    • Maritime navigation and markings
    • Industrial lighting guiding or directing people and equipment

Manufacturing and distribution of Greatland's Rescue Laser line of products was launched at the end of 2001 and the company continues to develop new products for a wide range of other commercial and military applications.

Contact Us at:

Greatland Laser
P.O. Box 792
Willow, Alaska 99688  
Telephone: 907-245-4475
Toll-Free: 1-866-889-3425
Fax: 907-245-4599

Physical Address (no retail sales): 11832 N. Maxwell, Willow, AK  99688

Greatland Laser's products are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 6,007,219; 6,163,247; 6,280,057; 6,295,007;6,688,755
and Canadian Patent Number 2,313,469.

Made in the USA