Our New Dealers - The Ditch Kit and SeaTask

We are happy to announce our two newest Greatland Laser Dealers, The Ditch Kit and SeaTask. Both serve the professional and personal maritime industry. Welcome aboard!

Here is a little about each company, please take some time to visit their websites too!

The Ditch Kit


Global Survival Systems is a maritime safety and survival outfitter.

In 2011, Miami, Florida based Global Survival Systems developed an ultra comprehensive maritime safety and survival solution, The Ditch Kit™.

The Ditch Kit™ is a unique line of custom-built multi purpose kits. While its foundation is anchored in safety and survival, The Ditch Kit™ also features communication, navigation, medical, convenience and repair components. It can be modified and tailored to meet the needs of all private and commercial mariners including law enforcement and military agencies.

“Disaster never announces itself,” says Captain Dan Cohen, “we design and build every ditch kit as though a life depends on it because someday yours might.”



SEATASK is a company that has lived the life of the modern day yachtsman and career seaman. We understand the time constraints, budgets and expectations that you are obligated to achieve each day, and also the service and maintenance required onboard vessels of all sizes.... we also understand the personal and professional needs of the Captains and Crew that make it their duty to maintain there vessels to the highest of standards and compliance....

We are here to help....

We are a company with expertise in your industry, with countless connections from years both at sea, and onshore.
Combined, we can provide you with a service to make your life much easier - not just at work, but at play too.
Call us with what you need, be it for a quote or a solution - whether its on behalf of the vessel, for yourself, or for a friend or family member ashore - we can help you make it happen - we know exactly where you are coming from...

We understand the industry.
We have lived it, breathed it, loved it and now its our pleasure to serve it. 

2nd Jan 2015 Andy Little

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