4 Audiobooks to Listen to While Camping

4 Audiobooks to Listen to While Camping

Going camping is both a leisure and adventure experience. You explore new places and put your outdoor skills to the test—all while enjoying time away from your responsibilities. It's no surprise that Best Life’s article on camping reveals that campers are often happier than people who don't try this outdoor pastime. After all, spending time in nature is a great way to relax and unwind.

To make your next camping trip a well-deserved break, our post A Beginner's Guide to Preparing for Your First Solo Adventure Trip recommends bringing the right clothing and emergency safety equipment. Yet we also note that there's one thing you shouldn't forget: making time for rest and relaxation.

Camping is perfect for activities that require a peaceful environment—like listening to audiobooks. Keep reading to know why you should listen to audiobooks while camping and a list of the best titles to try:
Why should you listen to audiobooks while camping?

Audiobooks make an unlikely yet extremely suitable companion for camping. You can store them on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can still enjoy great titles without physical books adding weight to your gear. You can listen to them offline—perfect for areas without internet. Most importantly, you can consume them hands-free without distracting yourself away from vital tasks like pitching a tent or tending to a bonfire.

Thanks to digital libraries, audiobooks are also more accessible and affordable than ever before. You only need to pay a flat monthly fee to access Everand’s digital library, which has multiple categories and titles you can explore. There are sci-fi and fantasy books like The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman and memoirs like Dave Grohl's The Storyteller. And since digital libraries curate reading lists based on your interests, you can easily find the next audiobook you want to listen to.

The vast range of choices this gives you means there are countless great audiobooks to listen to while camping—but it can also make it difficult to know where to start. To make things easier, here are some of the best audiobooks you can pick up before your next trip:

Best audiobooks to listen to while camping

Points North by Mikel B. Classen

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is a camper's paradise. Its endless miles of lake shorelines with dense forests offer countless opportunities for outdoor adventures. If you want to know more about this region, pick up Michigan native and author Mikel B. Classen's Points North. Having published five other books on the state, Classen is an expert on this region. This audiobook lists 40 destinations from every corner of the Upper Peninsula you may be interested in, including ghost towns, walking trails, and waterways, that can get you brainstorming about future camping trips even as you go about your current outdoor excursion.

Mother Nature Is Not Trying to Kill You by Rob and Haley Nelson

While camping, you must be prepared for anything—including natural disasters and encounters with wildlife. This audiobook teaches you how to survive the altercations like ingesting poisonous plants and coming across grizzly bears. To lighten the topic, the authors include pop culture examples like Jaws to demonstrate how to handle these unorthodox situations skillfully and confidently. It's a great listen for keeping your emergency knowledge fresh as you camp.

See You at the Campground by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi

Camping is a great family activity, allowing you to spend time and make memories with loved ones. If you want to make your next trip a fun adventure for everyone involved, mid-career workers Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi’s book See You at the Campground is the perfect listen for discovering how camping can lead to a happier and healthier family life. These writers have resigned from their day jobs to camp full-time, helping others navigate RV camping life, and they'll give you tips for hiking with infants, packing lists, and site recommendations to help curate the perfect family-friendly trip.

From Out of the Yukon by James H. Bond

If you love listening to stories of the past, this audiobook will be your best camping buddy. It details what the Yukon Territory looked and felt like in the 1940s, allowing you to learn more about how hunters and wildlife fared in the wilderness long before human interference. Ultimately, the book argues that big game thrived despite natural predators prior to men’s hunting activities—highlighting the need for and importance of game and predator management. That makes From Out of the Yukon an excellent look into appreciating nature as it is, and an especially great listen for a camping trip.

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12th Dec 2023

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