Thanks, but really Thank You!

We recently were copied on an email to the editor of Practical Sailor magazine. It's always nice to hear from a satisfied customer, but amazing when he goes out of his way to express it publicly.

From: Gust Stringos

Subject: Where credit is due

I bought a Greatland Rescue Laser Flare Magnum +5 years ago. I kept it in the cockpit mainly for emergencies (none so far, thankfully), found it useful for locating the occasional buoy, etc.

This year, it didn't work. I sent it back to Greatland in Alaska, on instructions from CEO Kim Erickson.

A few weeks later, I received a brand new laser. Great product, great support!

Gust Stingos
Morris Justine Bluebird
Rockland, ME

Thanks Gust! We do pride ourselves on customer service, but more importantly, we want everyone to be safe. When we found out that yours was an older model, we knew it would be better to just get you a brand new one, rather than try to repair it. Hopefully, you never need to use it in distress, but also glad to hear that you've been using it for navigation - it's great for that purpose!

For more info on our warranty and return info, please visit our Warranty page.

16th Nov 2014 Andy Little

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