Outdoor Activities to do with Family this Thanksgiving

Outdoor Activities to do with Family this Thanksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving—it’s the time we fill our bellies with yummy food, when we catch up with our cousins, and everyone gathers for a fun-filled time over turkey and pumpkin pie.

While celebrating at home with the family is excellent, it’s also equally enjoyable to take the celebration of gratitude outdoors. If you want to have a Thanksgiving celebration that entails less eating and more time outdoors, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we rounded up a list of fun, exciting outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy this coming Thanksgiving. Put a new spin to old Thanksgiving traditions with these activities:

Go hiking

If you view hiking as a stressful, arduous task, then think again! Hiking can be a great way to encourage one another to connect with nature. It’s also a great way to give thanks to the beautiful planet we live on. Whether it’s a simple stroll through a park or an extended tour through a hiking trail, there are many ways to make hiking fun for your family.

First, choose a trail that isn’t too long or taxing, especially if you have kids in the family. Keep in mind that hiking should all be about the beautiful journey, not the destination for kids. Next, select a trail that features a lot of natural wonders, may it be a waterfall, lake, or something that will pique everyone’s interest. Don’t forget to plan carefully, and do it carefully. Always make sure to pack The Ten Essentials, including a Rescue Laser Light, and many snacks for the little ones. If you have elderly in the family, it’s best to have them consult a doctor first and choose a trail that’s easy to traverse.

Hit the links

Hitting some golf balls may not have crossed your mind when it comes to planning for Thanksgiving, but it’s worth considering.

For families composed of mostly older adults, adding annual golf games to your Thanksgiving tradition will give everyone a chance to detach from their busy lifestyles and simply take time to relax while staying active. In addition, it might just be the perfect sport to gear up for a massive dinner celebration and to burn all the calories you had from all the turkey and pumpkin pie you consumed during the Thanksgiving dinner!

You can opt to stay in a golf resort, where everyone can learn and play golf together. Keep the round simple and fun by giving room for error, allowing everyone to enjoy the sport at their own pace. When playing during the hot hours of the day, make sure that everyone is wearing their golf hats to protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV rays.

After a fulfilling round, everyone can take a dip in the golf resort’s swimming pool or relax and unwind at the spa or sauna. Following these relaxing pursuits, gather in an event room or an outdoor patio and feast on your Thanksgiving food. Talk about having a comfortable and equally productive way to celebrate the holiday!

Camp out

Add a fun spin to your usual Thanksgiving traditions by camping out in the woods! If you haven’t tried it, then this is your sign to plan an exciting camping trip!

Don’t fret because we’re here to help you out. But first, make sure everyone is fit and willing to get out of their comfort zones. Put everyone out of their shells, immerse in the beauty and rawness of nature, and take time to be grateful for this year.

For a stress-free camping experience, plan your campsite and driving route with the weather condition in mind. No one wants to have their camping experience ruined by heavy rain. So, make sure to check the weather forecast regularly.

If you are staying at a national park or state park campground, reserve in advance and check with the staff to see if they have specific restrictions. Some of the most popular campsites are the following:

  • Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)
  • Rainbow Springs State Park (Florida)
  • Yosemite National Park (California)
  • Diamond M Ranch Resort (Alaska)

Plan and prepare thoroughly—assign a camping-related task for each family member to make planning a collaborative effort. Additionally, you can check for additional morning activities you can enjoy in the area, such as fishing, hiking, and bird watching. At night, gather everyone around a campfire and make some s’mores, play fun games, exchange interesting stories, sing and dance together, witness the star-studded sky, and be grateful for simple moments like this.

Go for a picnic

Timeless and classic, an afternoon picnic with the family is just the right way to spend time together before a festive Thanksgiving dinner. Shop and prepare picnic snacks together as a family. Whip up chicken sandwiches with your daughter and have the boys take care of the drinks, then head out to a local park. There’s just something special about the novelty of spending time in nature and eating homemade snacks that will get everyone excited about gathering as a family. Don’t forget to bring a camera and take candid snaps to immortalize simple yet joyful moments like this.

Host outdoor games

Sometimes, all it has to take to make Thanksgiving more exciting is to bring the fun to the backyard! Plan an afternoon of family outdoor competition. Some game ideas include an obstacle course, basketball free-throw competition, crossnet, tug-of-war, hula hoop, beanbag toss, and horseshoes.

At night, illuminate the area with a canopy of bistro lights and incorporate elements of fun outside. Then, you can simply bring your indoor furniture out to enjoy an alfresco meal with all the luxury of being indoors—a wood dining table, plush chairs, and a soft feel underfoot, props to your carpet! With this, everyone can enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, a dreamy light setup, and the crisp, fresh air.

Closing thoughts

There’s more to Thanksgiving Day than sticking to old traditions. So, this year, go the extra mile and spend quality time outdoors! With proper planning, your Thanksgiving celebration will be more exciting than those you spent the past years. So, plan today any of the outdoor activities we listed down, head out, and make this holiday celebration a memorable occasion for everyone.

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