New Survival Dealers - Welcome!

Let us extend a hearty welcome to two of our newest dealers, Midwest Native Skills Institute and Iowa Rugged Outdoors Co. Both are survival-related organizations and here is a little bit about each. Also be sure to check out their websites.

Midwest Native Skills Institute


Midwest Native Skills Institute (MNSI) is a non-military, wilderness, outdoors school headquartered in Ohio, offering comprehensive classes in wilderness survival designed to teach you how to survive and live comfortably in the wild with little or even no equipment.

Additionally, the skills you will learn in MNSI classes will allow you to feel more comfortable in your own home, and prepare you for any emergency inside or outside of the comfort of the four walls you live within.

Iowa Rugged Outdoors Co.


Iowa Rugged Outdoors Company specializes primarily in American made outdoors products and military surplus goods. Iowa Rugged is a wholesaler of outdoor, hunting, camping and survival products for the outdoor enthusiast and prepared individual.

Iowa Rugged Outdoors Company is authorized to purchase new and used military surplus directly from the the United States Government. Additionally, Iowa Rugged negotiates discounted contracts with many quality manufacturers to bring you the lowest prices and highest quality goods on the market.

3rd Feb 2015 Andy Little

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