New Online Shopping Option for Canada

New Online Shopping Option for Canada

Shipping costs from the United States to Canada can be a bit expensive, so Greatland Laser has teamed up with one of our Canadian dealers to offer a great solution.

International Survival Supplies Ltd. is a trusted Greatland Laser dealer that has supplied the aviation industry, oil companies, and many government agencies with survival kits and gear for over 50 years. Now, they offer their range of survival gear and kits direct to Canadian consumers. Whether you are looking to pick up a Greatland Laser Rescue Laser, other survival gear, or even a whole customizable survival kit, ISS is the perfect place to shop online.

With their ability to ship directly from their Calgary location, shipping is both more cost effective, but it is also faster than ordering direct from Greatland Laser. We are so happy to be able to provide this option to our great friends in Canada.

Check out their Survival Signaling Gear, or for full survival kits, go to their Homepage

22nd Dec 2019

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