New Dealer - OnPar Marine Consulting

Welcome to our newest dealer, OnPar Marine Consulting!

OnPar Marine Consulting - We provide technical survey and professional repair service to the aspiring boater. From basic boat maintenance training and repair services, to cruise provision and planning, we stock only the highest quality gear that has been rigorously tested by us and is guaranteed to work. Finally, we do not just fix your boat, but work with you to help you more effectively care for your investment, your passion, your boat. “ Making the most of your time on the water.”

Please read this testimonial from Dan Parilla, Owner of OnPar Marine:

I was first introduced to the Greatland Rescue Laser Flare when it was issued to me in Afghanistan. Following my return home, a good friend of mine brought one on board my sailboat last summer so we could “play test” it in the maritime environment. During our arrival into Port Washington, NY, our two boats were separated by 1.5 miles in the pouring rain. My buddy was unable to make out where I had moored. We pulled out my 1.5 million candlepower spot light. He could barely make it out against the lighting from shore. Once I lit off the Rescue Flare, he immediately asked if that was us with the bright blinking red light. The difference in intensity and discrete nature of the flare made it simple for him to find his way over to us. The next day, we again tested the visibility of the flare in a surface to surface use and were repeatedly surprised at its effectiveness out to 3 miles.

This fall, I was also able to test the flare while I was flying. With my friend on the ground and me in the air, we found the light easy to identify at over 5 miles in the daylight. I have been impressed by the ruggedness, simplicity and effectiveness of the Rescue Flare. I highly recommend it to all of my sailing clients, as well as those hunting, hiking, or involved in any other outdoor adventure activity.

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18th Mar 2015 Andy Little

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