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My name is Clint Homestead and I am a Learn To Return® instructor at our home base in Anchorage, Alaska. As a current Rescue Instructor at Learn To Return® and ex-10th Group Special Forces, I have travelled around the world in some of the most extreme environments you could be exposed to with my Rescue Laser always with me and never letting me down.

I specialize in developing training techniques for firearms programs that incorporates both military and civilian educational systems as well as consulting on personal protection programs. I also provide education on emergency medical treatments for remote locations in the U.S. and abroad.

In 2005 while working at Learn To Return® I added the Rescue Laser Flare® from Greatland Laser to my “List of Essentials”. Since then, this laser has been a part of my survival kit anywhere I travelled in the world. When LTR fast tracked me into the military with 10th Group Special Forces, I spent the next five and a half years deployed to Afghanistan and many other countries.

While I was employed with the military I used my laser across the world successfully. While I was in Finland during Joint Combined Exercise Training with the Finnish Special Forces Jaeger Regiment, we were running long range recons on skis and snow machines. I had the chance to use my laser in adjunct with our optics to locate other personnel during our operations. Also, during our rotation to Afghanistan I would use my laser at night to set up ranges, build structures, and locate personnel in the mountains.

In August 2014 my employer, Brian K. Horner, asked me to be a part of the search and rescue effort for Cody Dial in the Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. When I travelled down there, I brought my laser as part of a contingency plan for extrication in the event of an emergency. Details of our SAR effort are in the March 2015 issue of Men’s Journal.

In addition to my Rescue Laser being almost 10 years old, it’s been through extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures, high altitudes, submersed for extended time, beat up relentlessly, and still works excellent.

26th Apr 2015 Andy Little

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