Kim Erickson takes the reigns

Kim Erickson takes the reigns

Kim Erickson takes the reigns

At the end of July, Kim became CEO and majority owner of Greatland Laser LLC. As co-founder and part-owner, she has been involved with the company since 1998 (see Our Story) while also working as a business consultant. She is now 100% devoted to Greatland!

A native Floridian, Kim graduated from the Florida State University earning a Master of Accounting degree and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. Her career began as a CPA working for Arthur Young’s Entrepreneurial Service Group in California and later traveling overseas for the Walt Disney Company as an auditor and financial analyst.

In 1995, Alaska captured her heart and she moved here to launch an air cargo company flying freight to rural Alaska. That company was later sold when Greatland Laser LLC took off.

Kim resides in Willow, Alaska with her husband, Tryg, where they enjoy hiking, four wheeling, boating, snow machining, cross-country skiing, and traveling with their family and friends. Both are very active volunteers and longtime Rotarians.     

10th Sep 2021 Kim Erickson

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