Greatland Rescue Lasers in Florida

Rescue Flare in Florida

A Greatland laser signaling device is a must have tool for Florida adventurers. It helps signal others when you are lost outdoors, have a vehicle breakdown, or need other assistance from passersby. The flare alerts others and increases your chances of getting assistance on the go.

Greatland Laser devices have been sold in Florida for years using their patented technology. They have a powerful laser flare that travels up to 16 miles and will help you get the assistance you need. Moreover the body is made from anodized aluminum that is hardened to increase durability and enable repeat use without malfunction.

You can also bring your flare when swimming or playing in the water. It is waterproof to depths of up to 24 meters under water without damage. It is also very lightweight, weighing about 1.7 oz without the battery, allowing you to easily travel with it, even while on foot.

You can choose between The Rescue Laser Flare Magnum, The Rescue Laser Light, and The Green Rescue Laser Flare. This site has information on each type of laser signaling device.

In addition to sending distress signals, you can use your Greatland Rescue Laser Flare for emergency lighting when you lose power, your vehicle’s lighting system is not working, or when camping in the wilderness.

You will find the laser devices very useful for many applications in the Florida outdoors. It performs better than your conventional flare in terms of quality of light and reliability. It has a reliable battery that runs up to 40 hours of superior performance with full charge.

A Greatland laser flare is a must have accessory when venturing into the Florida outdoors. We are here to help, should you have any questions on the operation of the flares. We have included as much information as possible to enable you to operate your laser flare as safely and effectively as possible.