Greatland Rescue Lasers in Alaska

Quality Rescue Laser in Alaska

As an adventurer, there are few things more dangerous than getting lost at sea or in the wilderness without a way of signaling for help. Luckily, you may be able to avoid dangerous situations with something as simple as a Greatland Laser signaling device. Greatland Laser devices give you the ability to signal passersby at sea, on land, or flying overhead for rescue and assistance.

Greatland Laser has been a leading manufacturer and seller of laser signaling devices across Alaska for many years. Their lasers are made of anodized aluminum for maximum durability and can project laser light up to 16 miles from your location, helping to ensure your safety by signaling others when you are lost or in danger.

Greatland Laser has a choice of three lasers:

  • The Rescue Laser Light

  • The Rescue Laser Flare Magnum®

  • Green Rescue Laser Flare®

There are more benefits of owning a Greatland Rescue Laser. You can use them to look for your lost fishing gear, as an emergency light when your car dies at night, or during a power outage.

If you love fishing, hiking, camping, or climbing in Alaska, a Greatland Rescue Laser is an essential safety accessory that you should always have in your backpack.

Greatland Laser ensures unmatched quality and performance for years to come. Our Rescue Lasers are easy to operate with a simple twist of the laser cap and they are built to last, made with anodized aluminum metal that can handle the abuse of any adventure without malfunction or loss of quality. Moreover, our lasers are waterproof up to depths of 24 meters under water.

The laser light only weighs 1.7 oz. and can be hung on your wrist or attached to your keychain. It also has high quality lithium battery for up to 40 hours of continuous use.

Greatland Laser torches are a must have for every adventurous Alaskan. We offer quality customer service and are available to assist with any questions you may have.