Exploring the North Carolina Coast on Your Bike


Exploring the coast of North Carolina on two wheels is an adventure is seeing the states most scenic locations. The flat terrain makes it easy for cyclists to view the beaches on a bike, and from the northern Outer Banks to the southern Brunswick Islands, there are a number of scenic byways.

If you’re a seasoned bike warrior, cruise the entire 127-mile Pamlico Byway, which travels through historic Bath, scenic Belhaven and right alone the Swan Quarter National Wildlife Refuge. This trek ends at Mann’s Harbor. If you’re a novice, you better off breaking the ride into smaller sections. Even if you just take a 15-mile ride toward Belhaven, you’’ still be riding past some gorgeous scenery. This trek ends at Mann’s Harbor.

Take a memorable biking adventure along the 111-mile Outer Banks Byway. Like the Pamlico Byway, it can be broken down into shorter legs. This ride takes you through quaint island towns and serves up a great view of Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. While viewing the birds, you’ll hear the sound of the waves crashing. At the end of Hatteras, hop on the ferry with your bike and visit Beaufort. Along the way, you see many landmarks like the four popular NC lighthouses: Diamond Shoals, Bodie, Hatteras and Ocracoke. And if you’re even luckier, you many see Banker ponies prancing around.

If you in the Wilmington area, take the Pleasure Island bike route right along Carolina Beach to Fort Fisher. You’ll be passing through beach access points, so take a dip if you want to cool off. Toward the end of the route, you can visit the North Carolina Aquarium and the Fort Fisher State Recreation area. For more bike adventure, take the ferry to Southport, where there are antique shops, fine restaurants, and many historic sites.

Like any sporting adventure, always put safety first. Be sure to strap on a helmet when you’re cruising these picturesque byways. And if you’re biking at night, be sure to be equipped with a laser light. Just in case anything happens, you always want to be prepared!

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