Greatland Lasers in North Carolina

Greatland Lasers: North Carolina's Laser Light

Have you ever required some assistance at night but had no way of signaling to passersby that you need help? Greatland Laser offers quality laser signaling devices to ensure safety on all of your North Carolina outdoor expeditions.

Greatland Lasers use a patented technology to ensure that their devices emit a powerful laser light beam that can be seen up to 16 miles from your location. Therefore, you can signal for assistance from fellow adventurers, nearby vessels on the water, or airplanes flying overhead.

The Rescue Lasers are made of a hardened anodized aluminum material that ensures superior durability and quality performance for years to come. In addition, the Rescue Lasers are waterproof and are waterproof to depths of up to 24 meters under water. For hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, you can carry the devices in your backpack as it weighs less than 2 oz.

There are three choices of the Rescue Laser devices to choose from: The Green Rescue Laser Flare, The Rescue Laser Light or The Laser Flare Magnum.Details and specifications for each Rescue Laser are available at

You can use your Rescue Laser device for more than just the emergency distress signals. It has a powerful light that you can use to search for reflective items out in the open, as emergency lighting system when you lose power, or when you are camping in remote locations.

The Rescue Laser has superior performance and a more advanced quality light than standard lasers. It also has a reliable battery life that can run up to 40 hours continuously. You should always have one for your North Carolina outdoor adventures and another one in your vehicle. You never know when you may need help or light in the wilderness or on the road.

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding our Rescue Laser devices, their operations, or safety mechanisms. Please message us and we will respond in a timely manner. Meanwhile, feel free to go through our manuals for instructions on the usage and safety precautions while using our devices.